Not today devil!

“I rejoice in your promise like one one who finds a priceless treasure” Psalm 119:162.

It seems as though every time God has spoken a powerful prophetic word over my life, the enemy has come for me the hardest. My attacks have come the strongest as I have stepped out in faith doing what God had called me to do. The enemy has been relentless, attacking with many familiar tactics.

This morning I woke up feeling extremely exhausted. With interviews, meetings and a hefty to-do list awaiting me for the day. I struggled with feelings of discouragement, exhaustion and defeat. But something changed in my heart and my hope was restored as I began to meditate on God’s promises.

And I have come to realize  that sometimes we just have to declare all of God’s promises over our lives and the lives of our loved ones, even if we do not see them unfolding in the natural. If God said it–it’s going to happen, period! This matter is not up for debate.

We simply have to let the enemy know, “Oh No Not today devil!” I believe what God has promised me!

Heavenly Father,

This morning my prayer is that you would help anyone who is feeling discouraged–please fill their hearts with peace, joy and hope. Please help us to see with our spiritual eyes what we are unable to see in the natural. Thank you for always being faithful and true. And let us rejoice as if we have already received all that you have promised. We love and trust you Lord, and we know that you are for us. In Jesus’ mighty & precious name we pray. 💜<<<<

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