Am I ready for this goodbye?

img_2444By: Anonymous

All I remember was driving on the expressway, the road was clear, not much traffic. It was late and dark. I remember thinking how smooth the ride was going. All it took was a second for that to change. The left front tire blew-out causing me to lose control and in a blink of an eye my car was in the air doing a complete spin. I cried out to God, I LOVE YOU GOD! Wait, am I right with the Lord? Yes, I am. Then my next thought was of my child. Will she be okay? Who will she stay with? Will she accept this? I knew she would be okay, she knew I was a believer. I knew my sister would watch after her, because we talked about it so much that I even drafted a Will. I knew that I had raised her up in the ways of the Lord so I trusted that she would lean on her faith. I had so many thoughts in those few seconds. When will I feel the impact of this crash? Will it be painful? Will it kill me or leave me in critical condition? Will I wake up from this or is this it? How is it possible to have all these thoughts in such a short time?

Life is so much like that drive down the road. It can be smooth and then out of nowhere something causes you to spiral out of control, trying to hurt you or kill you. It can be a betrayal, a loss, health or financial crisis, anything. You may not even see it coming.

Get right with the Lord today!  If something does take you out, the only place you will go is to be with the Lord. Get your affairs in order today! Don’t leave your Will for tomorrow, don’t get your financials in order tomorrow. Tell your children, your husband, your parents, siblings that you love them TODAY. Tomorrow is not promised. Whatever that thing that you have been meaning to handle tomorrow – just do it today.

Don’t put it off; do it now! Don’t rest until you do. Proverbs 6:4 NLT

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