An Expectant Heart

I can still recall the moment of overwhelming joy and excitement, as I abruptly awakened from such a beautiful scenery– still replaying the words that had just been spoken to me.

I remember the look of disbelief on my husbands face after I had frantically awakened him to share my dream. “We are going to have a daughter, God told me to pick out her eternal name!” I exclaimed. He had given me a quick nod, rolled over and fell right back to sleep. But my heart was beating and I wouldn’t be able to sleep much that night. I knew what I saw, and the voice I had heard and I was overjoyed. I just knew-that I knew-that I knew-that God had spoken to me and that my daughter was coming soon. I had prayed for a daughter for many, many years.

As a baby Christian, I was about to learn that God does not work according to our human understanding of time, but rather in seasons. And so the waiting season began.

As the years passed, and the vision clouded, I held onto His promise with everything I had in me. There were times when I was talked about and ridiculed–but God is, has always been and will always be My Vindicator! And as His words never return void- about three years later, my promised child “Yaleah Mae” was born. 💕👑

So today, I want to encourage someone who finds themselves in a season of waiting for something Big that God has promised–Do not lose heart; hold onto His promises with a firm grip. Faith will give birth to your miracle.

For the Lord has promised good to me, His promises my heart secures; and I will patiently wait with “An Expectant Heart!”

I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living ❤️

(Psalm 27:13).

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