Godly Counsel & Wisdom


The Bible teaches us that words have the power of life and death, the power to lift and encourage, and also to crush and destroy.

Sadly, I have witnessed many women who started off seeking God wholeheartedly and running with His word, but then  received bad counsel which in turn shifted them in a new direction, a direction completely far from God’s will for their lives.

The most dangerous place to be, is walking a step outside of God’s perfect will for our lives. It is vital that we know and understand–that as there are blessings that follow obedience, there are also consequences for our sins.

Sin will ALWAYS cost us something!

So today I challenge you to examine your hearts. Who’s words do you allow to direct and counsel you in times of need? My prayer is that you will be wise in your choices and seek Godly counsel and wisdom above all else. ✨

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace,
but with humility comes wisdom” Proverbs 11:2.



1 thought on “Godly Counsel & Wisdom”

  1. Amen! Iron sharpening iron. Surround yourself with people who are filled with the Spirit. Walk and don’t grow weary – keep running! Stay in step. All for his glory! 🙏🏽💕


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