Blessed is SHE who Believes


For seven years, I prayed for my husband’s salvation. And not just quick and simple prayers, but tearful and heartfelt prayers. On too many occasions to count, I got down on my knees and poured my heart out onto the Lord.

With time, my prayers began to change a bit. I began to ask God to simply send me a word confirming that “some day” my husband would be saved. His word would be sufficient to bring contentment to my heavy heart.

Shortly thereafter, and unexpectedly, His word arrived via a prophet He used to speak to me. He said that He had heard my prayers, seen my tears, and that He would give me that thing that I had been praying for, for so long. He promised my husband’s salvation was coming–and “Soon!”

I will never forget the overwhelming joy I felt that evening I received my promise from the Lord. I rejoiced as if my promise had already been full-filled. I believed His words with all my heart and soul. I had heard from God himself–My promise was coming “soon” and no-one could take that from me.

When God speaks a promise–it is our job to believe it, and His job to fulfill it.

“And blessed (happy, to be envied) is she who believed that there would be a fulfillment of the things that were spoken to her from the Lord” (Luke 1:45). 💜

3 thoughts on “Blessed is SHE who Believes”

  1. Amen! I look forward to the day that I will see the promises God made me and be envied because of the happiness of holding on! God is good! ❤


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